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WireGuard could be the most promising VPN protocol in years. It lets you establish a connection with a VPN server that is supposed to be faster, more secure ...

YouTube under fire for recommending videos of kids with inappropriate comments
More than a year on from a child safety content moderation scandal on YouTube and it takes just a few clicks for the platform’s recommendation algorithms to redirect a ...

Apple could be looking for its next big revenue model
Apple has always been an evolving company. While it never really invented any product categories, it always seemed to make those product categories work better and smarter. It ...

Daily Crunch: Stop repeating this privacy lie
The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am ...

Netflix cancels ‘Jessica Jones’ and ‘The Punisher,’ its last Marvel shows
Netflix is no longer in the Marvel superhero business, with the cancellation of “Jessica Jones” and “The Punisher.” The writing has been on the wall since last fall, ...

Amazon aims to make half of its shipments carbon neutral by 2030
Perhaps hoping to distract from Greenpeace’s latest report on its “dirty cloud, Amazon this morning announced a new environmental commitment, focused on reducing its carbon footprint. The company says ...

Apple could release a 16-inch MacBook Pro and a a 31-inch 6K display
Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is quite reliable when it comes to Apple’s roadmap. And he shared a ton of information over the weekend in a new report obtained ...

Original Content podcast: ‘The Breaker Upperers’ filmmakers know that breaking up is the worst
“The Breaker Upperers” kicks off with an ingenious premise: What if you could pay an agency to take care of your awkward romantic break-ups? And what if that ...

Apple partners with Oakland nonprofit Dream Corps on Swift coding initiative
Apple this morning announced a new partnership designed to train more people to code using its own programming language, Swift. The company says it’s now working with the Oakland-based ...

Study says U.S. Twitch streamers raked in roughly $87 billion in 2017
A new study study estimates that revenue-earning American Twitch streamers grew to nearly 9,800 in 2017 (a 59 percent increase from 2016) and made an estimated $87.1 billion ...